Our studio located at 9 Academy Street, Chelmsford MA, is open for lessons Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

Weekly Class (mandatory)  Students will meet for 45 minutes each week to work on skills and learn at least two routines over the course of the year. Students will be grouped by age and ability levels according to the judgment of the coach. When the coach feels that the team is ready, they will compete in two competitions per year (MA & NH States). Students are invited to march in parades with the Twirl Team. All classes will perform at our recital in June.

Suburban-ettes Twirl Team   The Twirl Team is our “travel team” for students who are in grade 5 and above (or unless invited otherwise). The students will meet for one hour each week to perfect many routines which we will take to competitions, march in parades, and perform shows for our community and for when we travel. The students will also be involved in community service. The following performances are mandatory for all Twirl Team members:   Festival of Lights Parade, Lowell: Saturday after Thanksgiving   Two competitions (MA & NH States)   Apple Blossom Parade, Westford: May  Memorial Day Parade, Chelmsford: Memorial Day Parade, Chelmsford Common Performance: July 3rd    Fourth of July Parade, Chelmsford: July 4th    *We may add other performances as invitations come in. (Thursdays)

Competition Class (By Invitation only) Our competition class will meet once a week for 45 minutes. Most students will be enrolled in solo/duet, but some exceptions will be made. The class will attend at least 4 or 5 competitions over the year. Students are expected to attend all practices, give 100%, practice at home, and to have a good attitude. All ages accepted but will be invited by the coaches based on their prior year’s performances, ability, growth, showmanship, and dedication. Students may be asked to audition in some cases. (Mondays)

Private Lesson/Duets/Trios Private lesson and duets will learn new tricks and skills and have a lesson more geared to their individual needs. The students will learn a routine that they will compete with at competition. Soloists and duets are expected to compete in at least 2 competitions a year, but are encouraged to attend at least 3. The students will perform in the recital in June. If students master their solo/duet, they may go on to try modeling, basic march, military march, X strut, 2 baton, 3 baton, flag baton, hoop, show twirl, etc.  Lessons are 30 minutes.

6 Week Trial Class This is a class for new twirlers who are interested in trying out the sport of baton twirling. Students will learn basic twirls and are invited to march in a parade with the team. Students who are interested after the trial class to continue on will be placed in a class. Lessons are 45 minutes.

**Make-ups will only be given for snow days or teacher cancellations**

Monthly Tuition: Due at the first lesson of each month. Tuition is based on an average of four classes per month. Depending on how the calendar falls, students could have 3, 4, or 5 lessons in a particular month. If tuition is not received by the first two week mark of the month, there will be a $5 late fee added.


Weekly Class (mandatory) – 45 min                                     $50/mo

Suburban-ettes Twirl Team – 1 hr                                          $15/mo

(For students in 5th grade and above/or unless invited otherwise)

Second Class – 45 min                                                                 $25/mo

Competition Class- 45 min (invite only)                              $10/mo

Private Lesson – 30 min                                                              $60/mo

Duet – 30 min                                                                                 Per student      $30/mo

Trio – 30 min                                                                                   Per student       $20/mo

6 Week Trial Class – 45 min                                                         $60 for 6 weeks

Registration Fee (Registration fee includes a Suburbanette tank top)  $30

Suburbanettes Registration 2017- 2018 : Click for registration packet