Arriving and Exiting the Studio:
Twirlers should be on time for class, dressed and ready to go by class time. All team members must stretch before class. We may stretch as a team when class starts, but soloists are encouraged to stretch before their class time.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave your valuables at home!

Snow Policy:
Please check your email by 2:45.  If class is canceled due to weather, a message will be sent to your email address. Even though school may have been canceled for the day, the studio may be opened if the weather and roads have been cleared. We do not offer refunds due to weather cancellation. If your solo is canceled due to weather, you may contact your coach to schedule a make-up on their availability.

Holidays and Vacations:
The Studio Calendar, informing you of when the studio is open and closed, is posted on the Shutterfly website. Please check it for notification.

Classroom Conduct:
Please show respect for your teachers and fellow twirlers.  No gum chewing will be allowed while twirling on the floor. Regular attendance and prompt arrival is appreciated.

Parent Conduct:
Please be a good role model and keep it positive!  Negative or inappropriate language and/or behavior will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal of both parent and/or student from Suburban-ettes Baton Studio. Please communicate concerns sooner rather than later by contacting the studio.. Every effort will be made to address your concerns in a timely manner.

Student and Parent Use of Social Media:
Use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogging and other social media outlets is commonplace.  This policy is intended to provide Suburban-ettes Twirl Team parents and students guidelines for the use of social media.

You do not have permission to share personal information about the staff, students and/or their families or any proprietary and/or confidential information is strictly prohibited.
Parents and students should never post negative comments about other schools, teachers, or events, including competitions, conventions and performances.
Please be cautious when posting pictures, you are representing the studio when pictures are posted.

Dropped Classes:
If a student drops a class, you are still responsible for that month’s tuition.  To officially drop a class a parent must notify the studio the prior month and expected to be in the routine already finished for competitions and/or performances if needed.

Studio Liability:
Suburban-ettes Baton Studio and its instructors are not liable for personal injuries occurring during class time, competitions and/or performances on or off the premises.  Students and/or parents are individually responsible to inform the instructor or the studio of any physical limitations which may prevent full participation in studio activities. If a twirler cannot physically twirl due to injury, they are expected to come to practice and watch to learn placements, routine, etc. visually.

If a student is ill, or unable to attend class, please notify the studio/instructor. Credits will not be issued.