Seniors in the Spotlight

Andrea Cote

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My earliest memories of baton was back when I started in 3rd grade. Our little group of girls stood on stage doing sprinkles and figure eights in our cowboy hats to the cotton eyed joe. Thankfully, we moved on to more sophisticated tricks, but I love that we’ve all grown together as a team. My favorite part of baton is coming to class every week and seeing all my friends. We’re like a big family. Being a senior, I sadly have to leave the family soon, but I’m excited for the future. The specific college is undecided yet, but I plan on majoring in biology , and doing lots of scientific research. It’s been an amazing 10 years, and I couldn’t have asked for better.

Amanda Carey

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My name is Amanda Carey, and I am a Senior at Westford Academy, and I have been twirling baton since I was 5 years old.  I started baton twirling at Roudenbush Community Center in Westford, with Mrs. Maureen Dunn.  I twirled at Roudenbush for just one year and then began twirling at Mrs. Dunn’s Suburbanettes Studio. I have been twirling at the studio and with the Suburbanettes twirl team ever since. I also twirl with the Westford Academy marching band and have been doing that for4 years.  I love baton twirling so much.  I am involved in lots of other activities and sports, but baton twirling is my absolute favorite activity I do. I have learned so many tricks over the years, from all my coaches, from Mrs. Dunn, to Roslyn, Kristina, and Amy. Thank you to all of them for helping me find a love for baton and for everything they have taught me. I like to achieve the goals I make for myself and twirling baton allows me to achieve small goals almost every time I twirl, because whether I catch the baton after a new trick or make few mistakes after a new routine, you are always achieving small goals and learning from my mistakes.  When I twirl I just forget about everything and just twirl. Sometimes I have to practice a new trick 100 times, before I can get it, but I light up every time when I finally get it.  There is nothing more exciting than going back to show my coach what I can do after I have mastered a new trick. I have always wanted to do an illusion-one spin and have finally achieved it this year. My last baton goal I want to achieve before I graduate from high school, is to twirl fire batons.  It has been a dream of mine ever since I began baton twirling. I hope to achieve it at this year’s spring recital.