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Founder, Mauremrsdunnen Dunn founded Maureen Dunn Baton Studio (and the Suburban-ettes Twirl/Show Team) over 35 years ago. Her goal is to provide twirling, modeling, dance and marching skills along with self-esteem to all her students. She is a registered teacher and judge with the National Baton Twirling Association (NBTA). She was the Majorette and Color Guard Instructor at Westford Academy and Chelmsford High School for 17 years. Maureen Dunn is now retired.

While at National competition at Notre Dame University in Indiana, she was approached and invited to travel to the former USSR, now Russia, to introduce baton twirling to Russian youth. Under a government program between Russia and the United States the team travelled to Moscow and Leningrad giving 9 performances.  On their way, they stopped in Copenhagen, Denmark for another performance. On a personal trip to Bermuda she met a twirling team practicing and spoke with the teacher. The instructor traveled here and watched our team and Mrs. Dunn was asked to go to Bermuda to give twirling workshops. She went there 3 times giving workshops. In turn, she arranged for the Bermudian twirlers to come here and compete in one of our competitions. She arranged for them to march in New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade—a first trip for them to have the opportunity to march in the U.S. The Suburban-ettes Team did an exchange program with us staying in their homes and them in ours. The team was invited to march in Dublin, Ireland in their St. Patrick’s Day Parade and also asked to give a performance at Limerick University. Several of her students have gone on to twirl at major Colleges and Universities.

Today the Suburban-ettes Baton Studio and Twirl Team is under the direction of Kristina Reppucci and also coached by Amy Melanson, both former Suburban-ette twirlers. Kristina and Amy twirled along side one another for many years and feature twirled together and led the twirl team down Main Street U.S.A. in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. they became close friends through the sport of baton twirling and have an everlasting love for the sport and work diligently together.



Kristina began her endless love of twirling at the age of 4. Kristina was a competitive twirler winning many advanced State and Regional Titles in all events (twirling, marching, strut, modeling and 2 baton). She is an alumni member of the Suburban-ettes traveling throughout the United States performing and competing in Dublin, Ireland, New York City, Walt Disney World, and local areas. She was the feature twirler for the team for many consecutive years. Kristina started as a student teacher when she was in high school at the studio and upon graduation she started teaching full time at the studio. She is a graduate of Rivier College with a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education along with a masters degree in Emotional and Behavioral Studies from Rivier. She is currently a Special Education teacher in Tyngsborough. It has been a dream come true of hers to become a twirling instructor and carry on the studio. 


Amy began twirling at the age of 7. She went on to win many State titles individually and along with her team. Amy was the feature twirler for the Suburbanettes Twirl Team. She performed and competed in many local areas as well as traveling to Dublin, Ireland, Walt Disney World, and New York City with the team. Amy graduated from UMASS Lowell with a degree in gender and cultural studies and a masters degree in economic and social development. She is currently a preschool teacher. It is an honor and dream of Amy’s to become a twirling instructor and carry on the studio.

10473439_10202329349775386_7518489017555924037_n            Ms. Kristina and Ms. Amy at a previous Suburbanettes recital when twirling as part of the team.
198166_1003158519506_4502_n.jpg                                  Ms. Amy and Ms. Kristina as the Suburbanettes Feature Twirlers in 2007. 



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